We are always looking for motivated people who share the same passion as us, if you think you have the skills to join the Dz Esports staff, feel free to write us at Jobs[- @ -] with a short CV and some text describing your online experience.

All profiles are welcome ! 🙂


Here is the list of the most requested profiles:

Site Manager

  • Manage, manage and train the staff.
  • Manage accounts and profiles.
  • Follow the forum, gallery and blog.
  • Recruit new Moderators, Reporters and servers admins.
  • Coordinate the various tasks involved.
  •  And more.

Partnerships & Communications Manager

  • Target and identify potential partners
  • Negotiate partnership agreements
  • Negotiates the organization of events online & tournaments.

Reporter // writer// Blogger

  • Write articles on the blog
  • Follow the events of Esports and reporting.
  • Follow the news of video games, consoles and high-tech.

Shop Manager

  • Ensuring the quality of online content (images, fact sheets ..) ,optimize, and highlight products.
  • Ensure marketability of products by updating the e-commerce site respecting appropriate inventory management rules.
  • Finding solutions to facilitate payment on the store.

Gaming Server's Admin (CSGO, BF4,,,, etc)

  • Manage all game servers arranged on the site.
  • Recruiting new admins for servers.
  • Manage the content of the server.
  • Maintenance and optimization of the server.
  • Installing MODS, patches .... Etc.
  • Prepare the servers for matches and tournaments.
  • Arbitrate tournaments and friendly matches.

Forum Manager

  • Manage forum Dz Esport
  • Add sections if necessary
  • Follow requests and answer questions from members
  • Recruit moderators if necessary

Forum Moderator

  • Manage Topics in the forum.
  • Ensuring the activity of the forum by posting new threads and interesting subject.
  • Manage comments.

League Manger & Tournament organizer​.

  • Management teams.
  • Preparation tournaments and matches.
  • Send a report of each match to the reporter to put on the blog.
  • Work with the responsible partnership by finding other partners Egaming and organize friendly matches and tournaments.
  • Working with server admins for the preparation of tournaments and matches.

Community manager 

  • Manage Facebook page, twitter and YouTube.
  • Post content.
  • Ensure site visibility on the web.

Graphic Designer

  • Creating visuals for Dz Esports (blog, forum etc.).

Video graphic

  • Creating videos from the recordings supplied by admin or by the players during tournaments.

Web developer

  • Fixing bugs on the site.
  • Improved functionality.
  • Works on APIs.
  • Others.


Before sending us an email or anything, know that these positions are truly voluntary for the community progresses, but it does not exclude that the staff of the team will have benefits and a very close relationship to the CEO.